How Pre-Orders Work

What Are Pre-Orders:

When manufacturers (like Funko) create new designs, and have secured licensing of the designs with the "owners" of the likenesses, they send distributors like us a cut sheet with pictures offering us to place orders for the products.  These cut sheets contain images and pricing, and we immediately list the item for sale so that you have the earliest opportunity to reserve a spot to purchase the item.

Why would you want to pre-order:

Unique and high demand designs often sell-out and by pre-ordering you are ensuring that you will get one of the products, even if they sell-out everywhere else.  By pre-ordering with us, you are being placed on our list of priority customers for that particular item(s).

Why is there a limit on the numbers:

Because by limiting quantities licensors are creating a collectibles market for the designs.  For this reason it is hard to know if there will be enough supply for the demand and if there will be follow on restock of high demand designs.  Collectors often purchase pre-orders to ensure they do not get shut-out.  

How long do Pre-Ordered Items Take To Arrive:

The absolute minimum is 60 days from the time the design is released.  More typically it takes around 90 days from the time we first list the product for sale.  Occasionally, there are very long wait times, because of numerous issues that are completely out of our control.

So When Will I Get My Order:

Look at the listings projected arrival date, which will include the most up to date information on when Funko "plans" on sending the Products to us and we turn the product around immediately to send to you. The actual date may vary based when Funko's warehouse actually ships it to us and we then turn around and send it to you.  

How Accurate Are The Dates:

All of our availability dates are good faith based on what Funko shares with us. That being said Funko’s production dates can often be pushed back due to factors that are out of our control and we are left waiting to receive our shipment to send to you. When we receive inventory it is based on when we placed our order with Funko, so thus there is no "hard date" that they can tell us when we will receive our shipment.

Also please be aware that Funko does not provide all retailers with products at the same time and changes dates constantly. 

If you see these specific figures on shelves, you most likely “should” receive your shipment within 30 days.

Pre-Order Cancellations / Refunds:

Pre-Ordered items can be canceled for a full refund if requested within 24 hours of purchase.

Any time after 24 hours, pre-orders can be cancelled minus a 15% restocking fee. 

Our Shipments to You:

We always try to ship out your orders the very next business day after receiving your products. Once the latest item in your order is recieved, we will then ship out your entire order to you, this ensures less waste from packaging materials and costs to the buyer/seller.  We can assure you that we never hold orders when all items are in stock and will work as long as we have to get you your orders as soon as possible.


All Pre-Orders are charged at time of purchase due to the production/financial commitment we make to our distributors.


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